World War One Historical Information.


Many people from Maidenhead gave their lives during WW1 and this page gives some history of those known from the Parish of Boyne Hill. Elizabeth Bryson has carried out some excellent research which can be seen below*. If you are interested in this history please browse, or download the pdf. Information about the Guided Walks held in August 2015, along with the text of a talk given in May 2016, can also be found on the side bar.


* Information below has been updated - Feb 2016

* Information below has been updated - May 2016 - to include information about the soldiers who were billeted in the Parish and giving John Walton Bamber as an example - this information can be found at the end of the pdf

Information below has been updated - June 2016 and Jul 2018 with information about William Howe Bissley 

* Recorded Roll of Honour (All those who volunteered) added (2nd pdf) - Nov 2017



During August 2015 Elizabeth Bryson planned, and led, a WW1 Guided Walk from All Saints Church, along local roads to the homes where some of the Fallen lived, finishing in All Saints Churchyard. Local interest was high and this walk was oversubscribed. With extra walks added, four walks were led by Elizabeth.


Elizabeth's notes of the walks, along with some historical information, can be found here.

Stories of some of The Fallen

This is the text of the World War 1 Talk, entitled "The stories of some of  the Fallen from the Parish of All  Saints Boyne Hill in WW1" that Elizabeth Bryson presented to the Tuesday Club in May 2016.

The pdf of the text can be downloaded below.