Pilgrim Course

Upcoming Course Dates will be posted here when arranged

7.30pm Wed's and 2.00pm Thurs's in the Birinus Room.


 For an introduction to the Pilgrim Courses see this link here.    



The next course will start on Wednesday 11th Oct at 7:30pm:-


"Turning to Christ"


If we set our sights on God’s Kingdom of justice, mercy and peace; and as we journey home to God, the pathway of our life becomes more meaningful and joyful. This particular part of the Pilgrim course covers the Baptismal promises that mark the beginning of this journey.




If you are interested in joining this, or future courses, please contact the Parish Office who will add your name (and contact you when future courses are arranged).

Pilgrim Course

Pilgrim 4 session of the Turning to Christ course entitled “Do you believe in the Holy Spirit?”